25 Years' Experience in Fabricating Traditional Step Treads and Tiles

Terra D’arte excels at fabricating a wide range of traditional tile steps with all the usual profiles, from bullnose to drop-down edge. Our tile steps can be made of any tile material, shape, colour or size with or without traditional non-slip grooving.

Our technology for grooving step treads and shaping tiles is state of the art. Our lamination processes and workmanship are second to none.

With over 25 years in the tile industry, in both Italy and Australia, Terra D’arte has much to offer and is pleased to provide extensive and informative tile advice to all our customers.

Our traditional range of tiles and step treads are perfect for pool edging, balconies, internal staircases and outdoor steps and we will work in all materials to get you the style you are looking for.

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Traditional Step Treads - How It Works

Terra D’arte fabricates your tiles and step treads to suit any internal or external location. Our machines will shape, edge and polish your tiles according to your profile preference. If you require slip resistance, we will groove tile step treads to improve safety.

Bring us your tile

All you need to do is drop your tiles off and collect the finished product when ready.

Choose a Modification

Step Treads & Grooving

Full & Half Bullnoses

Square Edges & Drop Edges

Round Edges

Talk to us about your style preferences. We can shape, polish and groove all traditional profiles.

We combine the two

Whatever the shape, size and material of your tiles we edge and groove as required.

Traditional Step Tread Profiles