Modern Designer Step Treads for Stylish Stairs

Sydney tile business, Terra D’arte, has perfected a method of manufacturing step treads which make them more fashionable while retaining their slip resistant functionality.

Our designer step treads are incorporated into tiles which keep the usual tile profiles. But our Designer Step Treats add appeal and slip-resistance to tiles by using the latest technology. Rather than relying on traditional grooving for grip, we incorporate a uniquely designed, slightly raised inlay into tiles, thereby improving tile grip and safety.

Using this method we create a unique step tread inlay which can be of any shape, colour or make. We laminate this slightly raised insert into your tile. You can choose inserts from our range or make your own design.

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Designer Step Treads - How It Works

Rather than grooving tiles for slip resistance why not create your own unique step tread design? Choose one of our designs or make your own. Then all you need to do is select a material for the stair grip; provide us with your stair tiles and let us make step treads you’ll be proud of.

Bring us your choice of tile no matter what shape or size

All you need to do is to bring your tiles to us and collect them when they are ready.

Choose a unique step tread pattern and material

You can design your own step tread inlays using almost any shape, material and colour.

We combine the two for the perfect step tread tile

We will inset your unique pattern raised above the face of your tile to improve slip resistance.

Designer Step Treads