Traditional Tile Fabrication

We fabricate a traditional range of tiles and treads with a wide choice of profiles, from bullnose to drop-down edges, with or without non-slip grooving. Perfect for pools, steps or balconies. We work with most materials, giving you the style you want.

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Designer Step Treads

Our designer range uses all the usual profiles but we add appeal and improved slip-resistance to our step treads using the latest technology. Rather than traditional grooving for grip, we incorporate a uniquely designed, slightly raised insert into your tile.

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We Specialise in Customising your Tiles to Suit Your Tiling Project

As a premier Sydney tile fabricating company, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and expertise, whatever the size and make of tile. As well as producing traditionally grooved tiles, Terra D’arte proudly fabricates the most exciting and innovative range of individually styled step treads on the market today.

With their high durability and expert detailing, Terra D’arte fabricated tiles can be installed with confidence. Confidence in the suitability of our tiles for the widest range of functions. Confidence in our production processes which allow us to offer consistently competitive pricing. Confidence in our demonstrated level of professionalism that will keep your project on time and on budget.

  • Bullnose
  • Half Bullnose
  • Square Edge
  • Drop Down Edge
  • Round Edge
  • Step Treads & Grooving


  • Pool Edging
  • Internal Stairs
  • External Stairs
  • Balcony Edging
  • Wall Capping
  • Tile Skirting

Why Choose Us?

Quick Turnaround

Our machines have the capability to deal efficiently and quickly with all orders, large and small.

Quality Always

Our good name depends upon the integrity of our tiling fabrication processes which are second to none.

25 years' Experience

Our principal tile fabricator, Donato Milone, has over 25 years in the tiling industry, both in Italy and Australia.

Australian Owned

Our Australian business is family owned and family run, offering personalised service and extensive tiling advice.

Traditional Step Treads and Tile Fabrication Specialists

Terra’ D’arte are specialists in shaping, grooving and laminating traditional tile step treads. Our profiles include full and half bullnoses, square, drop-down and round edges and we are experts in traditional step tread grooving.

With our state of the art machines and the highest standard of craftsmanship, Terra D’arte maintains the capability to expertly fabricate all types, sizes and styles of tiles.

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Terra D'arte Tile Fabrication

Designer Step Treads - Custom Fabricated Slip Resistant Tiles

Terra D’arte has taken slip resistant tile grooving to a new level with its innovative range of designer step treads which improve tile safety, fashion and functionality.

Our unique production method produces step treads with the ability to improve grip and enhance the individuality and style of your tiled steps. Choose from our professionally styled range or provide us with your own personalised design.

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Terra D'arte Step Treads

Traditional Tile Fabrication

How it Works

Designer Step Treads

How it Works